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Learn about our full-day jet ski rental process in Nampa & Boise, ID and all of Treasure Valley

Our Rental Process -

1. When making a reservation you will be required to pay the full rental price on our website then a **fully refundable security deposit** $250 per jet ski upon pickup. After your reservation is made on the website you will get a confirmation email and a phone call within 24 hours of your rental date from one of our representatives both to confirm your rental and to go over any further questions you may have.

2. Since we do not have a location at the lake for watercraft rentals you will have to have a vehicle that can tow the trailer, as well as be confident in backing up at the boat launch! Please ensure that you put aside enough time to drop off the watercraft at our pick up location at our agreed upon time after your rental period otherwise late fees can apply. We do not allow use of motorized watercraft rentals in any rivers. Count on about 30 minutes for orientation time during pick up, we require all renters and watercraft operators to watch a short safety video. During this orientation time we will also go over how to operate our equipment, you will select your life jacket sizes (life jackets are included in the rental), finally you will also sign our liability agreement which we will go over with you!

3. Off to the lake for a day of fun! **Security deposit is fully refundable upon the return of equipment in its original working

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Need-to-know information

Check out the following FAQs to get the information you need about our full-day jet ski rental process:

  • How do I transport the jet ski? We'll give you a trailer to use, but you'll need a vehicle that can tow it.
  • When do I drop off my rental? We will have an agreed-upon time and pickup location.
  • Can I use my rental in a river? No, we do not allow the use of motorized watercraft rentals on any rivers.
  • Do I need to refill the tank? Yes, every jet ski must be returned with a full tank.
  • Is there an orientation? Allow 30 minutes for the orientation video that is required to watch during pickup.
  • What does your orientation entail? A safety video, how to operate our equipment and what life jacket you will be wearing.
We'll go over our liability agreement with you once orientation finishes. Our 24-hour jet ski rental process is done once you sign! If you have any more questions, don't be afraid to reach out by calling 208-968-8194 now.